With me around there are hardly any dull moment. Smiles are what I like to see, laughter is what I like to hear and Hugs & kisses are what I like to feel.Sometimes it seems like I have so much going on all at once. No matter what I always remain smiling because the Lord watches over me.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Updating What's Going On

First of all it took me forever to start this post because I had to set up an account with the new blogger on google. At first I kept trying to bypass it and just get to my dash board so I could just freakin blog but no matter what I did it wouldn't let me so I had to follow the rules and update....

Anyway...last night my daughter had her first scrimage. I was kind of excited about it but I didn't really know how excited I was until they actually started playing. Her team kind of sux but I'm assuming they will get better. This is only the third week they have been practicing
Before we got there she called her dad to ask if he was coming and of course he had the days mixed up. He though it was next Saturday. But because he is the wonderful father he is he was right there in no time flat. His wife and step son was with him. The step son is a real character. He always calls me his girlfriend. He is just to much and he is getting tall and very handsome. His wife and I were running our mouths so much we missed half the game. I swear I love that woman. We did stop gossiping long enough to enjoy the last part of the game. At first my daughter's team was being blown out then they started turning it around and they made a couple of good shots. That's when I started getting into it. If you read the last post I mentioned a girl that was really big. Well It just so happens she was on the other team they had to play. She was pretty good. She played the whole game and of course they couldn't really do anything with her. She was rough housing my daughter's whole team. My daughter just needs someone to do some one-on-one with her and she might play pretty good. So her dad is going to make extra time to show her a few things. I don't really know how much that's going to help her because he swears he can play. When I was with him 13 years ago I wasn't all that impressed with his basketball skills. Everytime he went to the court he would come home with a new injury. I'm talking about severe injuries. One time he went to the hospital and had a splint put on his right thumb. Another time he took a hit to his testicles that also landed him in the hospital and almost had him sterile. He was soft for almost 2 weeks (you know what I mean). Maybe he should not have been out there in the first place being as though he is only 5'6".
Anyhoo....It was a descent scrimage. Of course my daughter had an attitude afterwards and was ready to fight two of the girls. At first I was getting her all rowdy but then I calmed her down and told her that's not going to happen. I told her that I know there will be smart comments and attitudes flying because they are girls but that's not good sportsmanship to let that stuff get to her. She was calmer and said she would do better with her quick temper.

Afterwards I called Diamonds and we went to her house. It was my first time at her new place so of course I got lost. I always love going to her house because she is always trying to be so hospitable. Honestly it irks me because she over does it. She is always apologizing when things aren't perfect at her place. We are like family so I could care less about what's going on in her house because it's never as bad as she tries to make it seem. She is better than me because I hardly ever apologize for what my place is looking like at the time. Although if she came over right now I would have to keep her out of the kitchen. The dog decided I wasn't paying her enough attention so she decided to knock the trash over and make a mess all over the freakin' floor. My daughter picked up the trash but the floor definitely needs to be mopped. I will be doing that ASAP.

I was really happy to see her doing well. Just seeing her settled with her children. Not to mention the new car. Go 'head girl. Do the dam thing! hahaha. It's funny because there is always someone at work asking me about her and how she is doing and why doesn't she hardly work? Then when I tell them she is fine they always say something like "How does she live and pay bills when we never see her here working?" But apparantly whatever she is doing is working for her.

Meanwhile back at the ranch I have worked a million hours just this week alone. I always complain but the truth is I love this place. I am starting to get a little tired of being here. I'm actually getting tired of the drive. It's only about 15 miles but after a while 15 miles can become a pain in the ass if it's everyday. So after tonight I'm going to maybe take off about 5 or 6 days. Until I get bored out of my mind and I just have to come back in here.

Oh, one more thing before I go. I finally met "D's" girlfriend. He was at the scrimage. He was there to see his little cousin play. If you don't know who "D" is then refer back to the post "My Men" Him and Diamonds are the most important people to me at our job. I was going to meet her anyway some time next week but it just so happens that we were at the same place at the same time. They were so cute together. But we are still going out to dinner because we didn't get a chance to talk.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


If you have been reading my blog for a while then you know that I have had problems with my child before. Nothing major. Just the usual coming of age crap that preteens go through. Well, the last couple of weeks I have been seeing some improvement. Actually she got into trouble because I found out she has been keeping in contact with some little boy that I specifically told her she can not talk to. It's not just him it's boys in general. I feel like she is to young to be carrying on with these little rock head boys out here. Plus I put my little sister on the job. She pulled him to the side while they were in school and she put a bug in his ear. That's my girl.

Anyhoo, my daughter decided that she wants to play basketball. So of course I'm letting her. She goes to practice every Sat. night from 5:00pm until 7:00pm. At first I wasn't to crazy about it because they practice at the college. I told her to be very careful because most girls get rapped on campus. She looked at me like I was crazy and we both fell out laughing. But Lawd knows that is the truth. Anyway the first day of practice after I picked her up she was telling me how practice went. She told me that there were girls from all different schools there. Then she told me that there was this one girl that was a really big girl and if she has to ever play against her that she wasn't even going to try to block her or anything. She said she was just going to stay out of her way. So of course I was laughing at her. She was dead serious though. Then I started thinking that this girl must really be big because my child is not intimidated by anyone. She is not a big girl but she is tall and she has some nice weight on her. She is bigger than the rest of her friends and half of them are older than her. So anyway we were driving along and my daughter spotted the big girl so she pointed her out to me. OMG! I had to pull the car over because I was shocked. I asked my daughter if she ate another student while she was at practice. My daughter was laughing so hard. This little girl was no joke. She was just massive. I mean she was probably the same height as my child but she had to be about 50 pounds heavier than my child but she almost looked like she works out. It wasn't really sloppy weight. I just couldn't believe it. I'm going to ask to see some id on her. There is no way she can be in middle school.
So this weekend they have a scrimmage and I'm going to go because I'm so proud of my baby

A few days ago she came home with a progress report from school. I couldn't believe she has really bought all of her grades up. I was so proud of her. She will actually have a descent report card for the first time in a few years. She even had the nerve to say that she was going to do better because she knows that she can. I was floored. She even disputed an issue with her math teacher about her homework. Her teacher said she was missing a few assignment and my daughter asked her to double check and make sure she didn't make a mistake. I was so impressed that she was showing an interest in her schoolwork. She hasn't done that in about 3 years.

I wanted to reward her for doing good work so I took her to the hair salon. She hasn't had her hair done in a month. I usually try to make sure she gets it done every 2 weeks. Her hair is her pride and joy so keeping it done for her is always a priviledge. I took her to my hair dresser instead of her own hairdresser and she liked her. So she said she didn't mind coming back again. I could see her getting very nervous when she was getting her ends clipped. She was scared she was going to butcher her hair. You know how it is when someone new does your hair. There is always some nervousness there.
When she got out of the chair I was just to through. It still amazes how cute she is. I'm actually just starting to think that she is cute and everyone else thinks she is so gorgeous. But when she got out of that chair and her hair was so full and flowey. She has the kind of hair that some women would kill for. She had on her little Catholic school uniform. Then when she put her glasses on she is just to cute. She definitely looks older than 13. As much as I love her being cute I can't really appreciate it until she turns 18. Right now her cuteness is like a thorn in my side.

No matter how grown up she looks it doesn't stop me from pinching her and kissing all over her. She usually gets mad about it but she just lets me do it because she knows that I'm just going to do it whether she likes it or not.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Nothing Else Needs To Be Said

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size
But when I start to tell them,They think I'm telling lies.
I say,It's in the reach of my arms
The span of my hips,The stride of my step,The curl of my lips.
I'm a womanPhenomenally.Phenomenal woman,That's me.
I walk into a roomJust as cool as you please,
And to a man,The fellows stand orFall down on their knees.
Then they swarm around me,A hive of honey bees.
I say,It's the fire in my eyes,And the flash of my teeth,
The swing in my waist,And the joy in my feet.
I'm a womanPhenomenally.Phenomenal woman,That's me.
Men themselves have wonderedWhat they see in me.
They try so muchBut they can't touchMy inner mystery.
When I try to show themThey say they still can't see.
I say,It's in the arch of my back,The sun of my smile,
The ride of my breasts,The grace of my style.
I'm a womanPhenomenally.Phenomenal woman,That's me.
Now you understandJust why my head's not bowed.
I don't shout or jump aboutOr have to talk real loud.
When you see me passingIt ought to make you proud.
I say,It's in the click of my heels,The bend of my hair,
the palm of my hand,The need of my care,'Cause I'm a womanPhenomenally.
Phenomenal woman,That's me.

That is just how I'm feeling today

Saturday, January 20, 2007

She Must Be Crazy

I'm sick of this hussy. First of all she came to my house last night about 9:45 pm. Her son was outside my house knocking on my door and calling my name. My daughter went to the door. Of course she said something to him about calling my name all loud like he was crazy. Then my daughter told me that my cousin was outside and she wanted me. I was like WTF. Don't that hussy know how freakin cold it was out there. Not only that but I had just woke up. I actually slept from 12:30 until 9:15. I know that is sickening but what can I say. Y'all know I work night shift so my sleep is all messed up. So anyway I finally rolled over and slipped on a pair of slippers and put on my coat and went outside to see what the hell she wanted. As I was walking to the car I was thinking "dam she bothers me more now that she has moved" I didn't see her this much when she lived 4 doors down from me.

I got in the back seat of the car and I was instantly disgusted. Why did she have some chick and some old geezer in the car. No, really he is a geezer. As a matter of fact this is the same guy she bought over to my house and told me that he would paint my house for me. I took one look at him and I knew his ass was not painting my dam house. After he left I asked her what the hell possesed her to bring somebody to my house with ONE dam eye. Yes he had one good eye. The other one was just roaming all over the place. Well, he was in the back of the car. She must have been trying to get him to do something for her. But the real reason why I was disgusted was because she had my aunt's (her mother) car. My aunt hates giving her the car because she never does what she is supposed to do. And she is always joy riding around. She doesn't know what it is like to have a descent car so she doesn't know how to act when she gets in one. Her and her husband have a beat up car that the stearing wheel doesn't really turn to the right. So because my aunt tries to act like she is mean but she really is a softie she gives her the car against her better judgement. I know she hates for "T" to have a million people in her car and everytime I see her she is picking up someone and riding them around. That really pisses me off because my aunt has a brand new 07 Camry and I know eventually "T" is going to start wearing it out because that is just how she is.

So she chit-chatted with me for a while and said she just wanted to see how I was doing and what was going on. What the hell did she think was going on? I mean she has only been gone off the block for 2 weeks. Did she think in that time frame I ran off, got married and had a baby? So then she hit me with the real reason why she came over. "Ummm, listen I'm gonna need a loan"
I just chuckled to myself. I just plain and simply said I don't have it right now.
What makes her think I'm going to give her a loan? I REFUSE to EVER let her borrow money UNTIL either her or her man decides to get a job. Why do people think that they can lay up and get goverment money AND your money. Oh HELL to- the- NO!

A few months ago she asked me if she could borrow $80.00 for her gas and electric bill. I told her she had to wait a few days. Eventhough I wasn't really sure I was going to give it to her I was giving it some thought. So a few days later she was at my house and me, her and my sister was talking. She had the audacity to say to me that her man don't even want her to work. But she said it with a hint of arrogance like they had it going the fuck on. I just kinda went off a little bit. I told her I like how everybody asking can they borrow money and complaining that they don't have this that and the other because they just can't afford it but nobody wants to work. I told her that they both act like they live in a house on a hill and got everything they want and need. I told her God blesses the child that has his own and in order to have what you want you have to work for it. Then I calmed down a bit and I said I don't want it to sound like I'm bitter because I work and I work hard but I can't understand why able-bodied people are laying around and won't go to work. Needless to say that whole thing basically went over top of her head because she went into something else. So I'm sure you can imagine that she didn't get $80.00 out of me. I don't care if it was for her electricity. She just would have been a in the dark and cold ass somebody. But she is resourceful so she got it from some other poor unsuspecting soul.

Not to mention my black ass is still trying to play catch up from Christmas. I don't have no dam money for anyone else. Who the hell I'm going to call when I'm broke as hell. I'll tell you one thing. There is no way I will go to a family member or a friend to borrow any money if I have a man laid up in my bed every night. When I'm with someone I feel like it is his job to provide what I'm missing. I don't care if he has to beg borrow or steal he needs to handle his business. Her husband has no shame with letting his wife beg the whole dam family and her friends for money. What type of shit is that. Not only that but right now I'm doing everything by myself. My man is on lock down so I don't have no time to worry about someone who has their man right there with them.
What can I say.....It's a cold cold world we live in.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

What's your Fav's?

I do some of my best thinking when I'm driving along in my car. Especially when I'm on my way to work or coming from work. It's only about a 25 minute drive but I kinda get in a zone and my mind just drifts off. I think a lot of what I think about has to do with the music I listen to. I think I have a pretty descent selection in my car. # 1 is Beyonce. There is no order in which I have my cd's arranged. It's not like I have her as #1 because I am such a fan. But anyway. I like listening to her new cd because it's an angry cd. Y'all know what I mean. It's not like the first one where she was just so in love she couldn't see straight. My 2 favorite songs are "Upgrade" and "Ring the alarm". Both of these songs make me smile to myself. They make me reflect on my relationship with my man. I'm not saying that they describe what was going on in our relationship but for some reason I just still think about me and him.
Cd #2 is a mix cd of all Jay-z. OMG!! I freakin' love this cd. My sister and I both agree that it was the best $5.00 we spent in a long time. There are 87 songs on it. Of course the whole entire song doesn't play but the way it is put together is the shyte. When I listen to this cd I just reminisce about back in the day when I was wild as hell. Always at the club. Always in the company of some thorough ass niggaz. Always getting my drink on. Just doing me!
Cd #3 is Akon. It's funny because I got this cd from my white boy at work. He swears he is black. Anyhoo, when I listen to this cd it doesn't remind me of a time or place I just kinda groove to it.
Cd #4 is a classic that I CAN NOT get rid of. It's Usher. I can listen to that cd over and over and never get tired of it. Every once in a while you will encounter a cd that is timeless and to me Usher is definitely one of those cd's. It makes me think of laying up with someone. Not even anyone in particular, just whoever. I think people who are in love should be sitting back chillin and listening to this cd. (Diamonds that comment was directed to you)
Cd #5 is also a classic that I love to death. It's Ne-yo. This is a cd I also can't get enough of. This cd actually makes me think of my men at work. They are all big fans of this cd. Especially "N" which by the way is my white boy. So whenever I'm listening to Ne-yo I'm thinking about some shananigans that have gone on at work between me and "N".
Last but not least cd #6 changes between Lyfe Jennings and Trick Trina. That is 2 different ends of the spectrum. I like Lyfe's cd because I can just relate to so much of what he is saying. I'm so sure most people can. It makes me think about how far I have come and how much further I plan to go. When I'm listening to Trina I'm sure you can imagine what I'm thinkin of. She is a nasty ass hoe. That is one cd I definitely do not listen to if my child is in the car.

These are just the cd's I can fit in my cd changer at one time but I have plenty of cd's to choose from. But right now these are the flavors of the month or however long I decide to listen to them.

On another note...I was going to blog about some more BS that happened between my cousin and her huband, but I was to pissed off to even get into it. I was in a good mood so I didn't want to ruin it by getting all upset over someone else's drama. I will get into it later.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

This is my opinion, Am I wrong?

It's not that I think I'm Dr. Phil but other people think I am. What really pisses me off is that they will actually seek me out for my advvice then when I give it they act like they are really listening and they are going to follow the advice but the truth is they are still going to do whatever the hell they want to do. Let me explain where this is coming from.....

Last week as I was turning the corner to my house I noticed a familiar car outside. It was my cousin's husband's ex-wife's truck. Did you understand that? If not take a minute to read over it again. I'll wait......You got it? So when I got in the house my daughter told me that my cother cousin called me and she wanted me to call her and it was kinda important. This ain't the cousin who lives right down the street from me. It was her sister who lives across town. So I called her to get the scoop on what was going on. She told me that my other cousin, I'll call her "T" and her husband were having an arguement over something that supposedly happened between their children. Her husband told her if he finds out that what his son is accusing her son of doing is true then he is leaving her. That is where his ex-wife comes in at. He actually had the balls to call her to come and get him and his kids because he was leaving "T". So she was patiently parked outside of their house and waiting for him to get his stuff and come with her. WTF!! When I heard that I was like "you gotta be kiddin me" "T" was basically almost begging him to stay. Can you believe that BS. The reason why that was such a bad situation( as if I really have to explain what is so bad about it) She had a lot of problems with this woman at the beginning of the relationship. She was always very protective of his children eventhough they are not her kids and she still wanted to play mommy to them eventhough they had been broken up for a while. She has always wanted him back and was very devastated when he proposed to "T". So with all that has happened between this woman and "T" I could not believe she was now bold enough to be sitting outside of my cousin's house and waiting for him to leave her! I really could not believe my cousin didn't go the hell off and beat the shyte out of both of them and send his sorry ass packing.

On top of him just flat out disrespecting her like that, he had the nerve to pull up in front of their house earlier that day and he was driving her truck. He claimd that he just ran into her and he needed to run a few errands so she let him use her truck. The more I was hearing about the story the more pissed I was getting. Actually there is so much more to this story but I just really don't feel like telling every thing because that would make this blog about a mile long.

Like first of all. He hasn't worked ever since they got married in June. What grown ass man wants to just lay around and not be able to provide for his family. Meanwhile "T" has basically borrowed money from all her friends and family members. He doesn' t worry to much about anything because he knows she will take care of everything. Her mom has talked to her and she has expressed to her mother that she sometimes regrets marrying him. Our grandmother has told her that she needs to do something about her situation because she is really doing bad right now. The way she is living is wrong. He doesn't take care of his own kids. She does everythng while he goes to Yu-gi o Tornaments. Yes you heard me. He is a grown ass man and he plays video games with a vengence. He has Yu-gi o cards and everything. But he has no freakin JOB. He is very lazy and has a dam nerve to be demanding. I swear I could go on and on. I could really tell you some things that would make your head spin but like I said that would make this a mile long.

Yesterday she came to my house and I couldn't really talk because I was getting ready for work and I was already running late as usual. She wanted me to come to her new house because they moved a few days ago (thank god). She said she really need to talk to me. She tried to quickly explain to me that things weren't what they appeared to be the other day. She said she values my opinion and she would like some advice on something. I said ok. I told her I would come over the next day and talk to her.

NOW.... Like I said at the beginning of the blog, why do people act like they are so interested in what you have to say when they know they are still going to do what they want to do. I know dam well she knows me well enough to know that my response is going to be "you need to get a freakin divorce" I know that sounds harsh but why would anyone put up with that shit? Why would you be a 39 year old woman married to a 29 year old boy with 4 kids, no job, no money, babymomma drama, ex-wife drama? He is disrespectful. He is lazy. He is a slob. He is a "supposed" Muslim. She is a Christian woman. That fact right there has been a problem in their relationship. There are just so many things that is wrong with what is going on in their relationship. I am a firm believer that you don't know what's going on between a man and a woman. You don't really know how they feel about each other. You don't know about the intimate talks they may have in the comfort of their bedroom. Only they really know what is going on with them. But I'm not talking about feelings. I'm talking about the other things that factor in and there are to many other things that are a factor. There is no way at the age of 39 I would have entered into a relationship that had so many strikes against us. If they were young and just starting out and they were going to build together that is somehing different. But the fact is he is young and he came into her life with all this baggage. She is going backward. Now she is taking care of his bad ass kids that are not hers when her kids are older. She is broke beyond belief and she has never done this bad before. There has just been one problem after the other and I just want to know what the hell makes her think it is worth it. Is it because she wants to be able to say that she has a husband? I'm sorry but I will be single before I deal with that headache. So anyway I'm going to tell her she needs to get the marriage annulled and keep it moving and if his ex-wife wants him back so bad let him be her freakin headache.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I went to Red Lobster the other day with my sister. Before we left my ex-boyfriend called me and when I told him where I was going he asked me to come past his new place. He basically lives up the street from the restaurant and I was supposed to go over there weeks ago to see him. Our schedules were so conflicted that I never got a chance to go over there. Not only that but he has a girlfriend and they have been together a little over a year. So of course it had to be a day when he was able to get away from her for a while. Over the last couple of weeks we have been talking and flirting a little. We entertained the idea of a little hanky panky between us. That was unusual for me because I don't like backtracking with ex's. I only wanted to do it for all the wrong reasons. I don't like him being with his slut of a girlfriend. Yeah I called her a slut. No I don't know her but I know her kind. Let me explain....
My ex, let's call him Adam, is extremely attracted to raunchy chicks. What I mean by that is he is a good boy who likes bad girls. He likes pretty and wild girls. He wants the girl that everyone else wants. These are some of the same things that attracted him to me, and all the others before me. I remember one time he picked me up from my house and it was early and I was in chill mode. I had on some big sweat pants a scarf on my head and a tee-shirt, with a pair of flip-flops. We were on our way to his house and we seen one of his good friends that I had never met before. Well his friend came over to the car and they chit-chatted for a quick minute and we left. We went to his place and I took a shower and got dressed did my hair and make-up then we went back past his friends house. When his friend came outside he told me to get out of the car and he introduced him to me. I couldn't believe it. He didn't even think to introduce us when I was looking a hot mess. But as soon as I got myself together he made me get out of the car to meet this guy. I couldn't believe he did that. He always says he wasn't trying to be smart but I swear he was. H can't be seen with a girl that's not up to par

So anyhoo...I just went on a rant.....He said he doesn't know how many times he has come over her house and some dude was sitting on the couch chillin. She always tells him to stop trippin because that's just a friend of hers or that's just someone she smokes with or whatever. I don't know how many times I told him I was just cool with some dude and I was really screwing him. So it burns me up to hear that she says stuff like that. Oh, one more thing...did I mention she is a stripper. That's all she has done since high school and that's all she knows how to do. That really pisses me off!

So back to the other day. I went to see him and he was trying to get me to stay with him. I had my sister with me but he didn't care. He wanted me to let my sister take my car home and he would drop me of later at her house to get my car. I didn't really want to but I was thinking about it. Then I had to use the bathroom and that was it for me. This hussy had all her person items all over the freaking bathroom. On the side of the tub. All on the counter and under the sink. That was enough for me. I immedietly started to feel like I was invading another woman's space. I know it is his place but they are really together and it was evident. So after that little display I was ready to roll out. So me and my sister got ready to go. He was trying to hug and kiss and get me to stay but I wasn't having it. So I left. He was texting me and asking me to come back but like I said I wasn't all that enthused in the first place at the thought of us being together again in that way. So I told him that I didn't really feel comfortable there. I told him it felt like I was violating.

The whole point is that I guess I've grown. Back in the day I would have done it just for GP. Just because I know she really thinks that she got him wrapped around her finger and there is no way he would cheat because he really isn't that type of guy. I think he just wants to do it just to know that he cheated on her just like she cheated on him. I don't even want to be a pawn in that little game. It's not worth it. I also just feel like he deserves better. He knows he does but he just can't help but be attracted to that bad girl in her. Another thing that crosses my mind is...eventhough we would have safe sex of course, who wants to sleep with a guy who is sleeping with a stripper especially when he knows she has cheated on him? EEEWWWW. Who knows how many times she has cheated on him and if she has practiced safe sex. Like I said before I don't want to be a pawn in their little game.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What to expect in the new year

First let me start by saying Happy New Year to everyone. I hope so far things are looking positive for everyone. If you have made New Year Resolutions I hope you are able to accomplish all of them.

This is my first post in about 2 weeks and the first post of the new year. I have so much to say but nothing really at all. I didn't make any New Year Resolutions because when I thought about it I realized I'm still going to be the same ole Trina. That's exactly why the name of my blog is simply Trinabeingtrina. Because I'm just me all day and all night. I could say, "I'm going to stop being so much of a procrastinator" but honestly I'm still going to be the same person who takes forever to finally do something. I wait until the last minute for just about everything. I'm not usually on time for things. I'm always the last person ready. OH WELL , that's just me. I could also say, "I'm gong to stay out of everyone's business and I'm not going to act like I'm Dr. Phil" hahaha, yeah right. First of all in my defense. People have a tendancy to just come right out and tell me all of their business. I don't know what it is but they just look at me and feel comfortable enough to tell me whatever is on their minds. Everyone knows that all you have to say is, "this is between me and you". That one little phrase keeps my lips sealed and no matter how juicy the story is I will not devulge (did I spell that right) any information. I don't neccesarily need to be gossiping about everything I know I just like the pure satisfaction of knowing what everyone else don't know yet. I say "yet" because we all know that everything that is done in the dark has a way of making its way to the light. Now as far as me being "DR. Phil" That is because not only do I listen intently to the problem but I ALWAYS have some clever advise. What can I say, apparantly I am wise beyond my years always have been and always will be. I could also say that I'm going to stop being so dam mean and evil, once again I say haha. I have quite a mean streak. I am very aware of it but I'm not just flat out evil for no reason. I am actually sweet as Georgia Pie(don't ask where that expression came from). I am only evil when my buttons are pushed. I am very vendictive. I know that is not good but my mom used to be the only person who could calm my little ass right down but now that she is gone I have to practice more self control. But seriuosly for the most part I am very very pleasant :-)
I could also say that I will try to have a more meaningful relationship. A relationship that consists more of love than money. Lawd knows that would be a flat out lie. I initially am attracted to what I think you might be able to do for me. I know thay sound horrible but I feel like I can be that way because I work hard and I want someone who works hard also and can do things for me just like I can do for myself. I'm not a flat out golddigger who is looking for something unrealistic like a swiss bank account or a yacht, a five bedroom mansion on a hill, a Bentley, Maserati and Cadillac Escalade in the driveway. That's not what I'm talking about although Lawd knows I wish something like that would happen. I 'm just talking about someone who is willing to come home out of the clear blue sky and have a new gold bracelet just for GP. Or just pass off $100.00 and say, "baby go buy a pair of shoes". Someone who can pay for a little lobster, eventhough I don't eat lobster that often. The point is I want to know that if we go out and eat I don't have to watch what I order because he is counting every single penny. I'm not one of those girls who are happy with just having a man around. I need him to be worth something.

The only thing for sure that I know is that I will branch out and do other things besides my job. I want to expand my resume. I'm not really sure what direction I'm going to go in yet but I have a few things in mind. I won't share them rght now. Other than that what it comes down to is in the '07 I'm still going to be trinabeingtrina!