With me around there are hardly any dull moment. Smiles are what I like to see, laughter is what I like to hear and Hugs & kisses are what I like to feel.Sometimes it seems like I have so much going on all at once. No matter what I always remain smiling because the Lord watches over me.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Before I get into this post I want to first address the "anonymous" comments from my last post. I know that whoever left the comments are people who usually read my blog. I don't get anon comments from outside people, so whoever it was can kiss my ass because you are a coward by not identifying yourself. You raise your kids the way you want to raise them, if you even have any kids, and I will raise mine the way I want to raise mine. I won't go any further because beyond what I just said I don't feel the need to explain any further. So with that said, let's move on, shall we.....

Remember a few posts ago I posted about "my men" at work. I mentioned how I don't really deal with to many women because it is always some dam drama. Well the other day just proved what I was talking about. I had a fall out with a girl that I work with. We were actually pretty cool with each other and she really is crazy and has some emotional problems but she is a really good person. Anyway when she got to work you could tell she was already in one of her moods. She is always cranky because she never really gets enough sleep during the day. There is no way you can work night shift if you are not getting proper sleep during the day. That shit will drive you crazy. So she had a freaked up attitude as soon as she walked in the door. I basically ignored her attitude all night long until about 6:00 am. She was going off on our supervisor about something and my suprvisor jokingly asked me to calm her down. I simply said I'm not paying her any attention because she is crazy. OMG! That really sent her over the freaking edge. She starts screaming about some other girl we work with and how she is lazy and does not want to do what she is supposed to do. She went on about how she gets stuck doing everything and blah, blah,blah. I lookd at her like she was crazy. I told her no one wants to hear her bitchin' about what she does because we all do what we are supposed to do. I told her she is the one that wants to do the extra shit that she is not supposed to worry about but she wants to act like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. So if she wants to do everything and act like she is in charge of something then I don't want to hear about how much work she does. So I walked away because I know how I get once I start going off. So as I was walking away she said something smart about some medicine her man had just gave me. He works in the pharmacy and I had asked him for some medicine for my daughter's allergies. So when I got downstairs I thought about what she said and I so nicely came back upstairs and I threw the medicine back at her and I told her she can have the medicine back because I don't want her or her man to think I owe them anything later and I also told her I don't want no freakin' hugs and kisses later. Because the last time we had a fall out the next day she came over to me and hugged and kissed me and apologized. She new she was wrong. By the time I was leaving 2 people asked me what happened because she called them and was crying about me cussing her out. That really pisses me off because I feel like you shouldn't dish it if you can't take it. Another thing is obviously she knew she was wrong if she feels the need to call certain people we work with so she can explain what happened or give her side of the story. That is so freakin' juvenile. What grade are we in? No one else needed to know what happened. It was bad enough it happened at the nurse's station and everyone from that floor was witness to the incident. I haven't spoken a word to anyone else about it because that's the type of dumb shit that will have supervisors all up in the business trying to find out what happened and make a big deal out of it. That was her 2nd strike with me and that's all you get is 2 strikes not 3.

Anyhoo, that's a perfect example of why I chill with the men at work. I don't have to worry about them PMSing or getting all emotional. I hate women that cry over every little thing. That is some week shit.

This is irrelevant to anything but me and "K" was not on speaking terms because he was withholding some vital information from me. I told him that I wouldn't speak to him until he told me what I wanted to know. That was a few months ago. He told me that he could hold out longer than me. HAHA... I definitely laughed at that because no one is more stubborn than I am. So last night he finally broke down he said he couldn't stand us not talking. So he told me what I wanted to know and now everything is cool with us. I always get my way becauseI am willing to push it to the limit! ;-)

Have a blessed weekend!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

More of the same BS with her!

Friday morning I got a phone call from my daughter's math teacher. She told me that my daughter got into trouble a few days ago in her class and she was sent home with a letter that I was supposed to sign before she returned to school. My daughter told her teacher that I signed it but she forgot it and left it at home. I told the teacher that I had no knowledge of the letter. She said that she was going to give her in-house suspension for the day because she lied to her. I apologized to her for not knowing about her getting into trouble. Needless to say I was extremely pissed off.
Later that afternoon when my daughter got home from school I asked her why did she lie to her teacher about the letter. Of course she had some dumb ass excuse about how she forgot about the letter and she left it in her desk at school. I so politely reminded her how much I absolutely despise when she flat out lies. I then punched her in the mouth. It wasn't that hard. She wasn't bleeding or anything like that. I just wanted her to feel it. I wasn't trying to really really hurt her. Then I sent her into her room. A few minutes later I remembered it was report card day. So I called her back into my room and asked her where was her report card. Of course I got the same response I always get, "I forgot I had it." WTF... I asked her did she have a child, or a mortgage, or a car note or bills that are due? I told her that all she has to concentrate on is school. I'm sick and tired of hearing that excuse "I forgot" Anyway she showed me her report card and needless to say it looked like TRASH! I told her that she just made my Christmas shopping a whole lot easier. I told her a while ago that her Christmas was only going to look as good as her report card. But then again that has always been the rule. So I called her dad and told him he better not buy her another thing. He agreed with me. He was kinda in the neigboorhood so he stopped by and talked to her. Then I told him to just take her with him. She was really pissed off then because she calls herself kinda cutting him off. She hasn't been over his house in about a month. She used to go every weekend, but she called herself being upset with him. But I made her go because I know I would have been going on and on all weekend about her report card. I didn't feel like wasting my breath and I also wanted to save her the aggravation of me making her feel bad all weekend. So I just wanted time to cool off because I am really sick and tired of her. I have been going thru this with her for the last 4 years with her school work. I have made a decision. Since I feel like I have done everything to try to help her there is one more thing that I thought about but I haven't done. I'm going to call the school and find out how to get in touch with the child study team and I'm going to have her tested to see if maybe she has a learning disability. I know it sounds a little extreme, but I need to know if there is something else wrong with her besides her being a social butterfly. Maybe she is not paying attention because she doesn't understand what's going on and she looses interest so she starts acting up in class. Maybe she is embarrassed because she honestly does not understand what's being taught. I neeed some answers and maybe getting her tested will give me a better perspective on what's going on with her.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

My epiphany about what I'm missing

I need some sex and the city friends. You know the kind of friends that are single and sexy. Free and fabulous. Ready to do whatever. I think that's what I'm missing. I used to have a whole crew. It was 6 of us. It was always at least 4 of us out at a time. Dam we used to have so much fun. The thing I really like was all of us were fly as hell in our own way. We were all different so you could basically take your pick. Whatever your type of woman was you could find it in our crew. It was like Baskin' Robbins. Thirty-wonderful flavors all rolled into 6 women. We are still cool with each other and some of them still really hang out together but they are into things that are just not my cup of tea anymore. I wouldn't mind it at all if we were all still going out together but I just thought that we would evolve into other things but apparently I was wrong. I'm looking for girlfriends who are as cute and superficial as I am. She needs to be able to be ready to go out within a 2-3 hour notice. I don't mean just to the club. I mean to a play. To a lounge. Just to a bar to have a couple of drinks. Just to go out and have dinner because none of us feel like cooking. As a matter of fact we should have a favorite spot that we frequent just to eat. Every sitcom you see always has a spot that everyone meets at. We should be able to meet up in the middle of the day and have lunch or go shopping for shoes. Take a weekend road trip or plan a cruise. Am I asking to much? Do I have way to much time on my hands? What is my problem?

I have basically set myself up for this type of lifestyle but I have no one to share it with. I'm feeling empty and unfulfilled. hahaha. This is the reason I only have one child, because I always knew just how much I valued my freedom. I looked at children as me wearing shackels. hahaha. I want to be able to get up get dressed and roll out the door. I can pretty much do that now that my child is older. Hell, even when she was a baby I had all the freedom in the world. It was nothing for her dad to keep her for an entire week. I was so lucky. I knew the second time around things probably would not have been as sweet so I couldn't chance having a triflent baby daddy. I also have a lot of freedom and flexibility as far as my job goes. I make my own schedule, so if I need to take time off I just don't schedule myself to work. I make pretty decent money and I always have a few dollars put up for a rainy day when I might want to play ;-) I am good and single right now but when I was with my man we gave each other the space we needed if we wanted to go do whatever. The bottom line is I can't find a few chicks that are compatible with me. I know they must be out there. I'm about to put out a personal add in the newspaper:
SBW seeking fun fabulous friends. Must be able to do some traveling. Must not have any babysitting issues with little ones. And finances need to somewhat be in order. If interested please contact me at _______________( fill in #)

How does that sound?

Friday, December 01, 2006

Tea Time

Right about now it is aprroximately 5:31am and I am at work having "tea time" with "N". We are sitting in the registrar's office. The lights are out. We have quiet and calming music playing. I'm about to make a little sign to put outside the window that says "Tea Time in effect, Please Do Not Disturb".
We have just perfected our tea. It is in a 20 ounce wawa cup. With 2 tea bags, and aproximately 16 sugar packets. I am dinking peach tea and it tastes great.
I just wanted to share my tea time experience because it is so relaxing. It is so ZEN!
Have a great weekend!